Visitors to Caserma Ederle

Frequently Asked Questions


1. As a visitor, who can enter Caserma Ederle?

Anyone with a valid DoD ID card indicating they are active, retired or reserve status, assuming they are not on the EUCOM bar list, can enter Caserma Ederle. If DoD ID card holders will be accessing the post for two weeks or more, they will be directed to register their cars with the Installation Access Control System. All others, including U.S. citizens who do not fit into the above categories, may not visit the installation or use its services. We are not able to offer tours. Some visitors may be signed on by an ID card holder. See below for more information. For more information on access procedures, email PMO DESK SERGEANTS or call 634-6744 / (39) 0444-71-6744.


2. Can ID card holders sign on visitors?

ID card holders 18 and older can sign on as many as four non-ID card holders, provided the visitors are age 18 or older and not from a country on the restricted countries list. The restricted countries list is controlled by Italian officials, not U.S. officials. Anyone 17 or younger must have parent's authorization in writing or be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian before they can be signed on to the installation. The only exception admitted is for the Department of Defense Dependant School students, whose access to the installation would be the responsibility of the school directorate.
Caserma Ederle is an Italian installation, not an American installation. As such, the U.S. government does not control access to the installation. Access procedures are governed by Army Regulation 190-16 and agreements with the Italian government. For more information on access procedures, email PMO DESK SERGEANTS  or call 634-6744 / (39) 0444-71-6744.


3. How do multiple-day visitors get a pass so they don't have to be signed on each time?

After the visitor(s) initial entry to the installation, the ID card holder can bring the guests to the Pass and Badges Office in Bldg 4B to request a pass. Active U.S. ID card holders (those registered or unregistered with U.S. Army Europe's area of operations Installation Access Control System) with visitors from outside of Italy can sign up their guests for a 30-day pass. The Pass office is open Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. To contact them, call DSN 634-7053 or commercial (country code 39) 0444-71-7053. If visitors arrive on a U.S. or Italian holiday or non-working day, they should return to the Pass and Badge Office on the next duty day. Note: The Installation Access Control System is a U.S. Army Europe program and both the ID card holder and guest may reside in the continental United States.


4. Which facilities and services may visiting ID-card holders use?

Visiting ID card holder may use some MWR facilities, to include the Ederle Inn, and are entitled to utilize U.S. healthcare facilities on an emergency basis. They may also use the religious facilities, legal services, casualty assistance and mortuary services. Military-affiliated visitors may use the rental car service, but in order to rent a vehicle in Italy with an AAFES-affiliated Europcar, they must present TDY orders or leave form, as well as an international license to drive in Italy. See below for information on purchasing fuel coupons.


5. Which facilities are not accessible to ID-card holding visitors?

Some facilities and services are not accessible to ID-card holding visitors. Only command-sponsored Soldiers, DoD civilians, and their dependents who are assigned to Vicenza, Italy, are legally allowed to use the postal services, the dining facilities, or the local DFMWR facilities, including the automotive craft shop to repair POVs and the military banking service. Visitors may not purchase any tax-free or rationed items, including tobacco and alcohol. See below for information on purchasing fuel coupons.