Transportation in Italy


If you are PCSing to Italy, you can learn about getting a driver’s license. If you will be visiting or are looking for other modes of transportation, here are a few ways to get around.


Be aware – Only those with a SETAF driver’s license may operate vehicles that are registered to a SETAF driver. Allowing a non-SETAF-licensed drive to operate a SETAF-registered vehicle is illegal.  Italian authorities may confiscate your vehicle and it will not be returned.  This means visitors - family members, friends and others – who are not SETAF-licensed drivers may not operate your vehicle.


Rental Cars

In order to rent a vehicle in Italy with an AAFES-affiliated Europcar, you must present your TDY orders or your vacation slip, as well as an international license to drive in Italy. You can reserve your rental car with Europcar at the following email address


You can pick up your vehicle at any airport in Italy as long it has Europcar, but even if you rent the vehicle through the agent on a US-affiliated installation and you pick up the vehicle at the airport, you will be paying TDY rate but with the Vat fee included. It is always better to pick up the vehicle at one of the US-affiliated bases, such as Vicenza, Aviano or Livorno. Only those affiliated with the government (military, DoD civilian or retirees) are eligible to rent a vehicle through AAFES Europcar.

There are also off-post rental car companies. You should speak directly with those companies for information on their policies and fees.


If you are driving to Caserma Ederle, plan on using the access control point on Via Aldo Moro (SS 11) or follow the signs to Caserma Ederle. In general, the ACP is open to vehicle traffic. Note that no pedestrians may enter through the Aldo Moro ACP. Those planning on entering by foot or bicycle should use the entrance on Viale della Pace.


Shuttle Bus

If you are arriving at Marco Polo International Airport in Venice, there is a shuttle bus that runs to the installation. The Central Processing Facility can provide information about the shuttle service schedule. During business hours (Mon-Fri 8:00 am to 5:00 pm), call DSN 634-6996/5095 or commercial 0039-0444-71-6996/5095. During non-business hours (Mon-Fri 5:00 pm to 8:00 am and weekends and holidays), contact the USAG Vicenza IOC at DSN 634-7867 or commercial 0039-0444-71-7867. There is also a Vicenza shuttle service kiosk at the airport which is staffed Mon-Fri, 8:00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m., weekends and holidays (Italian and U.S.) from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.  If the kiosk is not staffed, a courtesy phone is located nearby. Follow the directions on the phone. The airport information desk staff also speaks English.


We highly recommend that all Soldiers and civilians scheduled for Permanent Change of Station (PCS) request a sponsor from their gaining organization.  A sponsor can help prepare you and your Family members for a smooth transition to your new duty assignment.  Having an assigned sponsor is the key to helping new Soldiers, civilian employees, and Family members get comfortably settled as quickly as possible, putting their minds at rest so they can concentrate on their new duties as soon as possible.  To request a sponsor or receive more information on Sponsorship, please visit your local Army Community Services center.


Bus service

The city of Vicenza has a city-wide bus system that offers stops directly in front of Caserma Ederle and will soon service Caserma Del Din on Viale A. Ferrarin. These buses are bright orange. To alert the driver that you want to board, you should wait at a bus stop and, as the bus approaches, raise your arm to alert the driver. To get off the bus, you should push the button (located on poles throughout the bus) which alerts the driver you wish to disembark.


You can buy tickets from the bus driver or at ticket machines. You can buy one ticket for each ride or there are tickets sold that are valid for multiple rides. In Italian, a ticket is called a “biglietto”. A “biglietto urbano” is valid within the city and a “biglietto surbano” is valid to the suburbs. You can get a booklet listing of times and destinations at the central bus station next to the downtown train station. The booklet is called an “orario degli autobus”.


On the bus, you must validate your ticket. To validate it, insert the ticket with the arrow-marked end first into the punch card machines located next to the doors. The ticket will be valid for a certain time period (shown on your ticket). If you exit and re-board the bus within the valid time period, you do not need a new ticket. If you are on the bus after the time period has expired, you will either need to buy a new ticket, or if you have a multi-use ticket, you will need to re-validate the ticket. Porters randomly check people’s tickets on buses. Failing to validate your ticket can result in a large fine.


There are also regional buses which go between cities. For route maps, times and tickets, visit the central bus station.



To have a taxi come to your location, send an SMS message/text message to Radio Taxi Veneto, which manages all the taxis in Veneto. Send an SMS text message to:338-844-2000. Type VI (for Vicenza), the name of the town, the address where you are located and your destination. For the Chapel Gate located on Viale della Pace, type Caserma Ederle Gate 2.


For example, if you are at Caserma Ederle and wish to go to downtown Vicenza, text: VI Caserma Ederle Gate 2 destination Vicenza centro. You will receive a text message confirmation with your cab number and pick-up time. For more information (in Italian only), visit


Unoffical taxis sometimes gather outside installation gates or at popular locations downtown. For safety reasons, community members should never use these taxis. Taxi drivers must be properly licensed and insured and their vehicles inspected for safety.



Vicenza has a large train station located in the downtown, not far from the installation. From the train station, the installation can be reached on foot, by bus, by taxi or POV. Tickets can be purchased at the train station from machines or from a ticket counter. Train tickets must be validated before you board the train. To validate, find the small card punching machines. They are located inside the train station and on the platforms. Insert the ticket with the arrow-end first, and wait for the machine to punch the card. Keep the ticket handy, since a porter will check the validation after you have boarded.


Walking and bicycling

Vicenza is very walker- and bike-friendly, with many sidewalks and bike lanes. Drivers are more used to walkers and bicycles than in the U.S., but remember to always use caution on the roads.


Once you are on Caserma Ederle or Caserma Del Din, it is possible to walk or bicycle without difficulty to any location on the installation. Americans are required to wear a bike helmet when riding on or off the installation. Bicycles must meet the Italian safety requirements, including having reflectors, mirrors, lights and a bell or horn. These products can be purchased at the PX or on the economy. Bicycles can also be rented from DFMWR.


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