Trial Defense Service - Vicenza

Defending America’s Blood and Treasure for Over 30 Years!

If you are suspected of a crime, you have the absolute right under the Constitution and the UCMJ to remain silent. You don't have to say anything. In addition, you have the right to consult with a defense attorney before, during and even after any questioning by authorities on a criminal matter.

For Soldiers, TDS is free of charge and confidential. Your rights are very important because your silence cannot be held against you in court. Your statements, however, can be used against you. Please give your rights to remain silent and to counsel serious thought, and consider speaking to an attorney at your local TDS office before making a statement.


Who we are:

Trial Defense Service (TDS) provides legal defense to Soldiers through independent, conflict-free legal advice concerning adverse punitive or administrative actions, at no cost to the Soldier. All Soldiers are entitled to TDS representation by virtue of being Soldiers facing an adverse criminal (e.g., a court-martial or Article 15) or administrative action (e.g., an Administrative Separation, or “Chapter”). TDS is its own organization, separate and apart from the chain of command, and as such, is equipped to provide independent legal advice to individual Soldiers, while maintaining the attorney-client privilege and confidentiality with those Soldiers.


To make an appointment or inquire about our services please call:

DSN 314-634-6176 x7043 / x8496

Except for Monday and Thursday mornings, and non-duty days,

Soldiers are seen on a walk-in basis or by appointment, from the hours of:

0900 – 1130 and 1300 - 1700

We are located in Building 243A, second floor, Caserma Ederle

(to the right of the AAFES Shoppette).


Appointment/Walk-in Requirements:

(1)  Courts-Martial:  You must bring your complete court-martial packet, including the preferred charge sheet and any supporting documentation, when you come to TDS.
(2)  Article 15 Nonjudicial punishment:  You must bring the DA Form 2627 & all supporting documentation when you come to TDS.

(3)  Administrative Elimination (“Chapter”):  you must bring any notification memoranda and all supporting documentation.

(4)  General Rights Advice:  If you seek general rights advice concerning an impending adverse criminal or administrative action, but do not yet have the supporting paperwork, please take note TDS may or may not be able to support, depending on the specific nature of the requested advice.  Please call first when in doubt.

(5)  Other Legal Rights Advice:  Please take note TDS is limited in the type of legal advice and/or legal services it can provide.  TDS cannot provide, for example, powers of attorney or advice concerning estate planning matters (e.g., wills).  Contact USARAF / SETAF client services at DSN 314-634-7041 for such services.  In, short, it is advisable to call first before assuming TDS will be able to provide legal services on a particular matter.

(6)  Escorts:  Our office does not require an escort for the Soldier requesting our services, but it is not the responsibility of TDS office personnel to maintain watch or accountability of ANY Soldier or his/her paperwork.  In addition, TDS will not disclose whether any Soldier or individual has visited or contacted our office at any given time, even if requested by the Soldier’s chain of command.

(7)  Arrive on Time:  Soldiers arriving late or without the proper documentation may be instructed to return to their units and to return on the next scheduled counseling date.  The Senior Defense Counsel/Acting Senior Defense Counsel must approve exceptions to the scheduled time.