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Hours of Operations

The Vicenza Postal Service Center is open Monday, Wednesday-Friday from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and on Tuesday from 11:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. If the Postal Service Center is closed on Monday for a Federal holiday, it will then open the following Tuesday at 10 a.m. The PSC will be closed on all Federal holidays.

However, patrons can check their mailboxes 24 hours a day.

The Postal Service Center has been redesigned to operate under the consolidated PSC concept to better serve the Vicenza Military Community members. This means that the PSC lobby has become a "one-stop shop" where you can access all of the customer service windows; official mail, postal finance (out-going mail) and Package pick-up.

Mail flow

All letter class and priority mail travels to Army Post Offices from the US though gateways on the east coast and make use of airline carriers and currently contracted through British Airways. Therefore, any type of delays that may affect air travel in the US, UK or Italy will also cause delays of our mail. The travel time for this mail is usually 7-10 business days from the states but may experience delays up to several weeks due to natural disasters that may ground flights or security warnings that affect the airline movements.

In addition, in an effort to save money in this fiscal reality, the Military Postal Service Agency is looking to reduce costs by having our space available mail (SAM) or parcel post mail travel by ship containers rather than by air. This will align the shipping procedures to our location with our neighboring PSCs and Post Offices in Germany and the Benelux. If this does take effect, this will cause an additional delay in this class of mail in arriving to our location by an additional 3-5 weeks. This effectively means to the customer, that items such as catalogs and magazines will most likely be later than normal due to the incurred transit times and customers are advised of delays on these items. This is due to the postage that companies pay on certain classes of mail that are not comparable to the cost of shipping by upgraded air services for the USPS. Unfortunately, this had been the case all throughout central Europe (Germany) and will soon affect Italy postal locations.

Parcel Tracking

Most mail that travels to our location and has a tracking number that is traceable up to the gateway on the east coast of the USA. This is due to the fact that the USPS considers an APO location as a New York address since at current, this is the last point at which the mail transits in the US before flights overseas. The USPS then loses tracking capabilities as it is tendered to the air carrier and will no longer be visible in USPS tracking systems until it arrives to our location and is scanned in as arrived. This is due to the fact that the carriers do not belong to the USPS as a subcontractor and cannot scan into current USPS systems. What this means to the customer is that many times, (internet order) companies will estimate delivery dates based on the last point of destination on the east coast, and not account for the time of transit overseas. However, once an item is scanned as sorted and departs from departure gateways in the states, it will then travel to the British Airway Hub at London Heathrow airport before sorting and onward movement to Milan Airport and further trucking to the Vicenza PSCs. Usually, companies with big warehouses that are located on the east coast will have shorter transit times as they depart directly for overseas, while those central and west coast locations will take additional time to travel to the east prior to onward movement overseas. The same work in reverse for parcels being sent stateside or to other country destinations. Customers are advised to plan for these factors when expecting delivery or mailing out parcels and associated postage rates paid.

Package Management System

The Vicenza PSC is the first Army PSC to utilize a package management system called Trackpad that affords us the possibility to account for every parcel once it arrives to our facility. This system also affords you as the customer, an opportunity to receive individualized e-mail notification instantly when you have a parcel that is ready for pick-up. To sign up for e-mail notification, simply come in and talk to one of our clerks at the package pick-up window or send us an email at for Caserma Ederle, for Caserma Del Din and for Camp Darby, with your CMR box number and e-mail address to which you would like to receive email notification to. For those tech savvy customers, you can choose to opt out of receiving hard copy notifications delivered to your box as well and only receive e-mail notification. This may streamline your wait time as you will receive instantaneous notification electronically instead of waiting for parcel notifications to be printed out. Customers may also come pick up their parcels by printing out e-mails themselves, or by showing the e-mail to the clerk via electronic means (ipad, smart phone, blackberries, tablets, etc), or by giving the box number, shelf location, and tracking number to the servicing clerk to retrieve your parcels. If you lose any of the notifications, our clerks can check in our systems to retrieve your parcels as well.


Requesting a mail box

Soldiers and self-sponsored civilian employees can request a P.O. Box prior to arriving at the Vicenza PSCs. To request a box, personnel must be within 60 days of reporting to Vicenza. If possible, a newcomer’s sponsor should request the mailbox in person at the Postal Service Center.

If a local sponsor cannot request a mailbox in person, incoming personnel may send a copy of the orders showing assignment to Caserma Ederle to the email at for Caserma Ederle, for Caserma Del Din and for Camp Darby, and a staff member will assist as soon as possible. Civilian government employees must provide a letter of employment issued by the Civilian Personnel Office. Government contractors must provide a copy of their contract indicating the are authorized logistical support. Some government contractors may not be authorized logistical support and are encouraged to read contract terms for specifics.

If you send boxes to this location prior to your arrival, you must be prepared to claim those items immediately upon arrival in Italy.  Unfortunately, the Postal Service Center does not have the space or assets to provide long term storage. Should storage exceed max capacity, services will be degraded as it will prevent the PSC from efficiently processing incoming mail and may result in delays to other customers. Please assist us in providing the best possible service by doing your part and coming to pick up your mail as soon as possible.

Only sponsors are authorized a mail box and must share the box with their Family members. Family members who have documentation from the Civilian Personnel Office showing that they are their own sponsors may request their own boxes. For more information, call DSN 634-7430 or civilian 0444-71-7430.

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Address format

Your mailing address for receiving personal correspondence at the Vicenza PSC will follow this format:
CMR 427 BOX xxxx (4 digit box number)
APO AE 09630-xxxx (4 digit zip code suffix)

Please DO NOT add "Vicenza" or " Italy" into the address above.  APO addresses are considered to be within the U.S. postal system and postal rates are the same as sending items within the United States.  People stationed at Vicenza are urged to explain this to their families who may be sending mail as writing "Italy" or anything in addition to the address listed above will force the mail into an international mailing stream subject to local customs that will inevitably delay the mail. It also may result in added costs to customers due to local import taxes and international shipping rates due to the error.

All mail delivered at a CMR address must have a complete delivery address and full return address as per EUCOM Regulation 210.  Mail should have first and last names, and should not use nicknames that may not be entered in the approved directory listing. Items that cannot be easily identified will be returned to sender and risk confiscation by local customs authorities as well..

Customers should be advised that mail being sent from the states to Italy at the “SAM” rate can take up to 1 ½ months to arrive.

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Forwarding Mail and Putting Mail On Hold

Please notify the mail room to forward or hold mail by filling out DD Form 2258 and turning in to the PSC.  If you plan on going on leave or will be on an extended absence for more than 30 days, please let us know so that we have a proper disposition for your mail.  Postal regulations under normal conditions require that unclaimed mail be returned to sender after 30 days.  We want to ensure that we know exactly what you would like us to do with your mail while you are taking care of business out of town. 

Held letter class mail will be placed in the box even after it is placed on hold because the box is the holding location.

When your box becomes too full, the mail will be consolidated/bundled and treated as a parcel until claimed.  An e-mail notification will be sent, or package slip will then be placed in your mail box indicating that you have mail or that a package is waiting to be claimed at the Customer Service Window.

Upon your return, please first retrieve all package slips before coming to the Customer Service Window.  This will ensure faster service to you and reduce wait times.

To request forwarding for mail, the sponsor must provide a valid forwarding address, a start and end date, and an email address where the sponsor can be reached.

Note: Under normal conditions, the maximum amount of time for you to place your mail on hold is five (5) months.  More than five months require management approval and may be requested through the customer service window.

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Deploying Personnel

To forward or put mail on hold, fill out Form 2258, available at the post office.  A forward order requires a current address and a start and end date.

Please DO NOT mail things back to your CMR address if you have a forwarding order in place since it may be caught in a forwarding cycle and risk extreme delays. If it becomes necessary to mail something to yourself, please indicate on the package "HOLD UNTIL (DATE MONTH and YEAR) in this format: xx month 20xx. Please spell out the month so your desires are easily understood.

Customers are advised to purchase USPS insurance for high value/dollar items. Sensitive, hard-to-replace high value/dollar Items should be sent via registered mail. Due to postal regulations, the USPS will not honor claims for items that are lost or damaged without purchase of the aforementioned services.

Due to space limitations (especially during deployments), deployed service members or civilians should mail packages DIRECTLY to a person who is in the Vicenza area who can claim those packages. Other people will not be allowed to pick up mail addressed to you unless they have proper documentation to include a power of attorney and an ID card with a status authorizing services

Soldiers may and are encouraged to mail packages directly to their unit in order to alleviate backlogs and ease of coordinating with units by using the format below:

Unit (example: A-B-C Company, 1st or 2nd /503rd
Attn: (POC’s name, for example SFC John Doe)
Unit 31401 Box xxxx
APO AE 09630-xxxx

Mail addressed to a specific personal box number may not be released to the unit for storage.

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Spouses of Deployed Personnel

Spouses may pick up mail for the deployed service member as long as they have their military IDs. Other personnel may not pick up a service member's mail unless a special power of attorney is provided in order to ensure mail accountability. For more information or special circumstances however, please come speak with the post office staff in order to best assist you.

All spouses must notify the mail room prior to departing Vicenza for an extended period of time (more than 30 days). This is to ensure proper disposition of mail and avoid box closure due to long periods of unclaimed mail, and to also ensure that parcels are not returned to sender after remaining unclaimed for over 30 days.

If you will be departing Vicenza for an extended period of time, please come in and establish a valid forwarding order. Items arrived and sorted at the location for you will be forwarded from the PSC within 24-48 hours of receipt. However please be advised and account for transit times to your forwarding location from overseas.

If it becomes necessary to send packages to your CMR address while a forwarding order is in place, please indicate on the package itself, "HOLD UNTIL (date) in this format: 19 APRIL 20XX". This tells the mail room to keep that package here and not forward it back to you which will result in delays and costs.

Please help the postal service center remain efficient and avoid mailing packages to the PSC for storage. Storage space will be very critical due to re-deployment operations. Should space become restricted, it will result in processing delays of other mail that will affect the entire community. The PSC encourages patrons to send packages addressed to a friend/colleague that can pick them up directly for you.

If your sponsor is down range and mails you packages, please assist in claiming them immediately. If those items are not picked up while letter mail is being removed from your receptacle, your receptacle will risk being blocked and no mail will be delivered until the parcels are removed.

High dollar/value items should be mailed with insurance. Sensitive, high dollar items should be registered. The USPS will not honor any claims for lost/damaged items without purchase of special services to include insurance and registered service.

Customers are reminded that mail being sent from the states to Italy at the Space Available Mail (SAM) rate can take up to 1 ½ months to arrive. The PSC has no ability to control mail transit times since items are in the hands of air carriers until arrival to our location.

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Returning from deployment

For personnel returning from deployment, magazine subscriptions should be changed to your Vicenza box number at least 3 months before you leave the down-range area. This will allow the magazines enough time to change your address and for you not to miss any subscriptions.

Soldiers should start terminating unnecessary postal service to the down range area at least 30-45 days prior to returning to Vicenza in order to avoid delay involved in forwarding operations at downrange locations.

Addresses must be on the package in a manner that it will not come off. Patrons are also advised to write the name and address on a large piece of cardboard and place INSIDE the box so that in the event of a lost address, that the PSC can ensure delivery to the customer.

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Sending mail “In Care Of”

As per postal regulations and the SOFA agreement, mail must be specifically addressed to the authorized mail box holder or anyone else whose name is listed on the box (ie: spouse, family members). Mail sent to other persons not listed on the box, such as "In Care Of" mail will be returned to sender. The exception is for immediate family members who are visiting under the tourist visa time frame. However, the restriction to use this service applies to letter class mail only and small parcels under one pound and must exceed the 90 day tourist visa timeframe. We ask that you come in and let us know if you are going to use this option so that we can ensure proper delivery of items.

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Local Nationals

Mail addressed may not be picked up by local national personnel without authorized mail privileges as a dependant, even with a power of attorney. Local national personnel are not authorized to receive mail without the proper military I.D. card.(A base pass does not count as a military I.D.) due to the SOFA agreement. Mail addressed to a local national "In Care Of" someone else will also be returned to sender.

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PCS/ETS and requesting an extension of P.O. Box privileges

Upon ETS or PCS the mail box must be typically be closed. To keep the box open after PCS or ETS is called extended logistical support. The approving authority for extended logistical support is the Garrison Commander. To request extended logistical support, the sponsor should report to the U.S. Army Garrison-Vicenza Directorate of Human Resources (Military Personnel Division) to initiate the request at least 15 duty days prior to the expiration of normal authorized privileges and is granted only under specific special circumstances and in accordance with the SOFA Agreement and local law.

Even if the sponsor is military and has a job due to start immediately after ETS, and he/she must go to United States to process passport and visa applications, he/she must close the current box and reopen a new box upon return unless authorized extended logistical support is granted. Typically, this support will not exceed 90 calendar days in line with normal tourist visa authorization to stay in country without a valid status according to the SOFA.

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Unit/Organization Mail

Merchandise purchased with a government impact card or any other government credit card may NOT be shipped to a personal mail box. These items may be returned to sender without notice to the intended recipient.

Aforementioned items should be sent to the office or unit's official address (eg.):

1/503 A Company
Attn: Supply  NCOIC
APO AE 09630

Multiple boxes of the same item or any one package with multiple like items inside stand out and have the appearance of being official mail. These items should not be sent to a person or personal mail box as it has the appearance of circumventing Installation Property Book and proper accountability of government merchandise.

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Care Packages from Organizations

Care packages from organizations must be addressed to the unit in this format:

Unit designation (example A-B-C Company 1st or 2nd /503)
Attn: POC’s name (for example SFC John Doe)
UNIT 31401 BOX xxxx
APO AE 09630

If there is a different commander, care packages can still be delivered to the unit.

Please DO NOT have organizational Care Packages sent to an individual person.

Packages that are sent to an individual person become that individual's personal mail. If that person is hurt and/or leaves the Down Range Area, those packages must follow him/her to their next destination.

Please note, this is for care packages from organizations only, not from spouses, family, friends, etc.

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Mail from countries other than the U.S. or Italy

Mail coming to Vicenza, Italy, from a country other than the United States or Italy should be addressed as:
CMR 427 BOX _______
APO AE 09630 USA

This will cause your mail to return to the United States and then be sent to you here in Italy. Currently there is no direct agreement in place with the USPS that allows for a direct exchange locally in the mail stream for mail to come directly to your PO Box from a foreign originating address.

Correspondence and bills should be sent to your on-post mail box rather than your Italian postal box at your physical address. Official correspondence for work should be sent to your office/unit/organization's mail box.

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Private Business & CMR

Due to SOFA agreements and USPS regulations overseas, you may not use your CMR Box to conduct any type of business generating income. Patrons suspected of utilizing CMR privileges for business purposes risk revocation of those personal mail privileges. Violators may even be subject to loss of privileges up to the time of departure from the installation.

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Private Mail Carriers

All private carriers (FED EX, UPS, DHL, Airborne Express, etc.) are prohibited from delivering personal mail to the Postal Service Center. Please do not have your items sent through private carriers, as these private couriers cannot deliver mail to the post office for you to claim since the PSCs are not authorized to sign as delivered on your behalf; they must be received at your local economy address.

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Confinement and AWOL

When a service member is placed in military confinement, it is the unit's responsibility to clear the Soldier from the mail room. Soldiers in confinement are authorized to receive letter mail. If the Soldier is returning to Vicenza after the confinement period, the unit must provide the mail room with this information to ensure proper disposition of mail.

Commanders are required to notify the mail room once a Soldier has been declared a deserter. At that time, the Soldiers' mail box will be closed and all mail returned to sender per chapter 3, page 87, paragraph C3.4.6.3 of DOD Postal Manual 4525.6 M.

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Abandoned Mail Receptacle

Due to limited space, the PSC will consider a mail box abandoned if the mail does not move out of the receptacle for extended periods and are "backed up" with old mail. These receptacles may be closed without notice. Upon return, the individual will have to open a new mail box and the same mail box address may no longer be available.

If a Soldier is in a military school, deployed, or in the hospital, it is the Service Member's responsibility to inform the PSC of their status. Failure to do so may cause mail delivery issues and will also affect processing for other patrons. Please assist us in ensuring great service by ensuring mail is picked up or that the post office is aware of long absences.

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Family Support Groups

Family support groups must prepare and properly address their items to be placed in boxes. Any non-postaged community mail must have approval by the Garrison command in order to reduce excess and unwanted mail for our patrons. Those authorized may bring their mail to the Official Mail window for processing

All items must have the complete delivery address as well as a complete return address.

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Outgoing Services

We operate a full service USPS Post Office and our prices are based on the current domestic fees . However, being overseas, we must follow additional guidelines and restrictions placed on us by the European air carrier and Italian customs. For more information, please stop by and see our staff for assistance or related questions.

All parcels must be wrapped to USPS standards. For more information please check out

Priority boxes are provided by the USPS for Priority Mailing ONLY. Priority boxes may not be wrapped for sending via alternate mail classes. These items may be subject to confiscation by the USPS until postage is paid and may also result in delay of delivery.

The current size restrictions are as follows:

Priority mail – no more than 70 lbs and no more than 108ins (girth plus length).

SAM or Parcel Post – no more than 70 lbs and no more than 130ins (girth plus length).

Please assist us in providing efficient service to the community by ensuring that you are prepared prior to entering the line at the postal service center. All items require customs form and proper addressing. Please ensure this is done prior to arriving at the window and delaying other customers from being served promptly. For your convenience, customs forms and documents are located in the lobby as well as Priority boxes for Priority shipment and are available for pick up at any time during the duty day to prepare your parcels and save you time as well by coming prepared.

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Missing or Lost Parcel

For parcels that are missing or lost and were not insured, please complete the online request at However, patrons are advised that the USPS does not honor claims for items that special services were not purchased for and you may risk a loss. The local PSC under the Garrison has no influence in the claims process for the USPS.

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All mail that is insured and is damaged may have a claim submitted for it. A copy of the insured receipt and/or original box with packaging received will be required. The process may be started by completing the USPS Form 1000 found at For more information, click on the following link or contact the PSC Staff at DSN 634-7430,634-7032 for assistance.

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Prohibited Items

Many items may not be shipped, and attempting to ship them or falsifying a customs forms may result in fines, confiscation and other penalties. A list of some of the items that are prohibited is listed below, but is not all-inclusive due to constantly changing Air Carrier, Customs and Security regulations. Please check with the post office before shipping and item for the latest information.

Alcoholic beverages (wine, beer, liquor) may not be shipped, and boxes displaying such markings are also prohibited.

Hazardous materials and liquids cannot be shipped. If a material or substance can cause harm to someone or something, it can be considered a hazardous material. This includes many common household and consumer products.

Some examples of commonly-used items restricted or considered hazardous under USPS regulations include:

    - Perfumes / Colognes

    - Nail polish

    - Flea collars or flea sprays

    - Aerosols

    - Bleach

    - Pool chemicals

    - Paints

    - Matches

    - Fuels or gasoline or items that previously contained fuel

    - Airbags

    - Dry ice

    - Batteries

    - Lithium batteries

    - Mercury thermometers

    - Cleaning supples

    - Glues

    - Fireworks

    - Firearms and weapons parts

Some items, such as olive oil, may be shipped but must be packed in a particular way. Please ask the post office staff for information on shipping such items.

Reusing boxes or packing is only acceptable when all marking and labels have been removed or completely marked out so they cannot be read.

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Compliments or Complaints 

Please share your thought with us and tell us how we are doing (positive or things that can use improvement) through the Interactive Customer Evaluation System. The command and organization values your opinion and we are always looking for ways to improve services. The link is found here: ICE Comment. However, please do not hesitate to contact the Postal Service Center and/or the leadership directly so that we can try to resolve any issues or address your concerns immediately. The Postmaster can be contacted directly at DSN: 634-6337 on Ederle and DSN: 637-2751 for Darby & Del Din. The Postal Service Center strives to provide the best possible service to our great community and are dedicated and committed to your satisfaction.

More general information about the post office, shipping costs, tracking and confirmation and other information can be found the U.S. Post Office’s web site

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