USAG Vicenza Commander's Policy Memorandums

ARCHIVES - Under revision, superceded, or expired

USAG-V Pol 06-29 Arms, Ammunition and Explosive Amnesty Program

USAG-V Pol 06-30 Emergency Response Notification Procedures

USAG V Pol 08-02 Resolution of Traffic Tickets

USAG V Pol 08-04 Volunteer Services of Local Nationals and Non-US Citizens

USAG V Pol 08-05 Garrison Policy Memorandums

USAG V Pol 08-06 Garrison Commander's Open Door Policy

USAG-V Pol 08-11 Building Security

USAG-V Pol 08-12 Fuel Coupon Authorization Series "P" and "G"

USAG-V Pol 08-13 Vicenza Community Air Conditioning Policy

USAG-V Pol 08-15 Excavation Permits

USAG-V Pol 08-17 Parental Physical Discipline Versus Child Abuse

USAG-V Pol 08-18 Private Rental Roll-Over Policy

USAG-V Pol 08-19 Assignment Policy for Villaggio Family Housing

USAG-V Pol 08-21 Civilians Subsisting in Appropriated Fund Dining Facility

USAG-V Pol 08-22 General Dispatch Fleet Usage - Reimbursement from Non-BASOP Units - Organizations

USAG-V Pol 08-23 Information Systems Users Responsibilities Policy

USAG-V Pol 08-24 Housing Exceptions to Policy - Medical Supported Relocation

USAG-V Pol 08-25 Mandatory Assignment Policy to Government Controlled Quarters

USAG-V Pol 08-27 Private Organization, Family Readiness Group and Informal Fund Fundraiser Policy Letter

USAG-V Pol 08-28 Post Library Conduct

USAG-V Pol 08-29 Juvenile Curfew Policy

USAG-V Pol 08-30 Information Technology (IT) Disposition

USAG-V Pol 08-31 Implementation of Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE)

USAG-V Pol 08-35 Safety Policy

USAG-V Pol 08-36 Vicenza Community Energy and Water Conservation Policy

USAG-V Pol 08-37 Equal Opportunity Policy

USAG-V Pol 08-38 Equal Opportunity Complaint Procedures

USAG-V Pol 08-40 Authorized Swimming Areas and Facilities

USAG-V Pol 08-41 Responsibilities and Common Errors When Using the Defense Travel System (DTS)

USAG-V Pol 08-42 Child Supervision

USAG-V Pol 08-43 (Version 3) _ Running, Bicycling, In-Line Skating, and Skateboarding Safety

USAG-V Pol 08-44 Antiterrorism and Force Protection Travel Assessments and Special Event Requests

USAG-V Pol 08-45 Strategic Planning or Professional Development Off-sites

USAG-V Pol 08-46 (Version 2) _ Family Advocacy Policy

USAG-V Pol 08-47 Local Commuting Area and Per Diem Entitlements for Temporary Change of Station Travel

USAG-V Pol 08-48 Sexual Assault Prevention And Response Program (SAPRP)

USAG-V Pol 08-51 Single Enlisted Soldiers' Living Standards in the Barracks

USAG-V Pol 08-53 Off-Post Wear of Uniform

USAG-V Pol 10-01 Command Supply Discipline Program

USAG-V Pol 10-03 Issue of Official Fuel Coupons

USAG-V Pol 10-05 (Safety) Arms, Ammunition and Explosives (AA&E) Amnesty Program

USAG-V Pol 10-06 Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)

USAG-V Pol 10-07 Procedures for Use of USAG Pavilion, Hoekstra Field

USAG-V Pol 10-08 (Safety) Explosives Safety Program

USAG-V Pol 10-09 Policy Against Retaliation for Engaging in Protected EEO Activity

USAG-V Pol 10-10 Policy for Implementation of 10 U.S. Code Section 1561, Complaints of Sexual Harassment & Investigations by Commanding Officers

USAG-V Pol 10-11 Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) and Other Forms of Unlawful Harassment

USAG-V Pol 10-12 Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)

USAG-V Pol 11-01 Privileges and Exceptions to Policy for Access to AAFES and Commissary Facilities

USAG-V Pol 11-03 Severe or Inclement Weather Notification and Snow Removal Procedures

USAG-V Pol 11-04 Commander's Sustainability and Environmental Management Policy

USAG-V Pol 11-05 Risk Decision Authority and Community Events Assessments

USAG-V Pol 11-06 Procedures for use of Luna Bubble

USAG-V Pol 11-07 Procedures for use of Building 300A

USAG-V Pol 11-08 Civilian Fitness Program

USAG-V Pol 11-09 Privately Owned Vehicles

USAG-V Pol 13-14 Pedestrian, Running, Bicycling, In-Line Skating, Skateboarding, and Heelys Safety

USAG-V Pol 30-12 Individual Logistical Support

USAG-V Pol 30-14 Individual Logistical Support (ILS)

USAG-V Pol 31-12 Alcohol Consumption and Illicit Drug Use

USAG-V Pol 32-12 Shuttle Bus Policy

USAG-V Pol 33-12 Official Mail Postage Reimbursement from all non US Army Garrison Units and Activities