Office of the Inspector General


To inquire into, and report on, matters affecting the performance of mission and state of economy, efficiency, discipline, and morale of every phase of activity that is within the sphere of responsibility of the Garrison Commander as prescribed by law. To provide the Commander a continuing assessment of operational and administrative effectiveness through assistance, inspections, inquiries and investigations.


Inspectors General operate within an environment consisting of the commander, the commanders Soldiers, family members, DA civilian employees, retirees, and other civilians needing assistance with an Army matter and the IG system. IG's are honest brokers, and consummate fact finders who use training, inspecting, assisting, and investigating as their primary tools. The inscription on the IG crest (Droit et Avant) is French and literally means "right and forward". Freely translated this motto embodies the IG philosophy of "First be right; then take action."

Requesting Assistance or Filing a Complaint

If you’ve been unable to resolve a problem through the proper channels, we will help ensure the issue is addressed fairly and objectively. The IG is not a policy maker. We will determine facts and recommend action. Before you seek IG assistance, we recommend that you:

Use your chain of command

Depending on the circumstances, your commander or supervisor may be able to resolve your issue more quickly than we can.

Use established redress channels

Many issues have appeal or grievance procedures established by law or regulation, and IG action is not appropriate when a formal procedure to resolve the matter exists.

Provide relevant information

We will need as much detail as you can give us to address the issue you raise.