Directorate of Public Works

The Directorate of Public Works (DPW) provides BASOPS management and support services through planning, design, construction, maintenance and repair, fire prevention and environmental protection, housing, real estate, engineering resources and supplies for real property assets throughout the USAG.



Director 634-7606/7313 Operations Officer 634-8766
Civilian Deputy Director 634-7313 Administration Officer 634-7345
Military Deputy Director 634-7253 FAX 634-7580


Customer service hours are Mon., Tues., Wed., Friday from 0830-1200 & 1300-1630 and Thurs. 1000-1200 & 1300-1630.

 Contact Information

DSN Commercial from the states
Front Desk 637-7950/7951 01139 0444-61-7950/7951
Chief, Services Branch 637-7926 01139 0444-61-7926/7950/7951
Chief, Support Branch 637-7952 01139 0444-61-7952
CFMO & Appliances 637-7807 01139 0444-61-7807
U-DO-IT 634-8888 01139 0444-71-8888
Private Rental Help Desk 637-7900/7901 01139 0444-61-7900/7901
Work Orders Villaggio 634-7491 01139 0444-71-7491
Work Orders Govt Leased 634-8888 01139 0444-71-8888
Emergency after duty hours 634-7867 01139 0444-71-7867
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Engineering Plans & Services

Provides professional engineering advice and services on all aspects of master planning, mobilization planning, project design and development, contract inspection and supervision, real property matters and stationing.

 Contact Information

Chief, EP & SD 634-7700
Contract Administration 634-8934/7180
FAX 634-7128

Environmental Office

Responsible for the USAG and subordinate Area Support Team's environmental and natural resources programs and develops and implements environmental plans and policies in coordination with applicable Host Nation, European Community, and US laws. Call the Environmental Office for information on disposal of hazardous waste.


Vicenza Environmental Policy Italian / English

Contact Information

Chief, Environmental 634-8941
Environmental Specialist 634-8938/8937/7166
FAX 634-8942

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Operations & Maintenance

Responsible for the Real Property Management Activity mission that relates to the operation, maintenance, energy saving program and repair of facilities and prepares receiving reports for various utilities bills.

 Contact Information - Management

Chief, O&M 634-7212 Electrical Eng. 634-6401
Chief, Utility 634-7214 Procurement Tech 634-6400
Chief, B&C 634-6403 Utility Rate Inspection 634-6404
Entomology 634-8218 Utility Rate Assistant 634-6402
Civ. Eng. Tech. 634-6406 FAX 634-7565

 Contact Information - O&M SHOPS

Boiler Plant, B-206 634-7217 Electrical Shop 634-7433
Water Plant, B-52 634-7216 Mechanical Shop 634-8728
Plumbing Pipefitter 634-7446 Mason Shop 634-6227
Carpenter/Metal/R&G 634-7446    

Engineering Resource Management

Manages the engineering resources, routes work requests, manages the preparation, review and execution of the DPW operations and construction budgets for real property maintenance activity.

Chief, ERMD 634-8232 Budget Analyst 634-7210/8633/8211
Work Reception 634-8701 Customer Service Representative 634-7628
Work Order Desk Clerk 634-7628 Villaggio Work Order Desk 634-8888
Estimator 634-7964 MESB 634-8905/7753
DPW Suppl 634-7632/8762 Stock Control 634-7632
Storage 634-6247

Regional Contracting Office

NAVFAC(Naval Facilities in Charge of Construction)

Army Corps of Engineers

Contracting Opportunities / Bandi di Gara