Logistics Readiness Center (LRC) - Vicenza / 405th Army Field Support Brigade

405th Army Field Support Brigade (AFSB) Mission Statement:


"Provide installation logistics services to sustain unit readiness, ensure responsive force generation, and improve quality of life in our communities."


LRC Vicenza Vision:


"Through creativity and continuous improvement, be the number one LRC in the 405th AFSB AOR."


LRC Vicenza Mission Statement:


"Provide installation logistical programs and services which enhance unit readiness, power projection, and the community quality of life for the forces and families we serve."


LRC Vicenza Team Principles and Values


 Always look for ways to satisfy our customer requests.

- If it is affordable, legal, moral, and ethical we will try to serve all customer needs.

 Communicate effectively and simplify processes for our customers.

- Always use open and honest communication with one another and our customers.

- Make it easy for our customers to come to us and receive our services;

eliminate unnecessary steps and documentation.

 Build relationships with the garrison and the customers we serve.

- Resources will not allow us to go it alone. We need to work collaboratively with others –

We are all one Army!

 Cooperation and respect for one another.

- Let us be part of something bigger than ourselves. Let us respect and take care of one another.


The LRC mission is to coordinate and provide supply, maintenance, transportation, troop support services, and logistics contracting support throughout our Area of Responsibility as directed. LRC provides staff liaison to the SETAF, AAFES, DECA, and DRMO. On order, LRC performs A/DACG, PSA, RSA, RSOI, and ISB operations in support of our force projection missions.


LRC is arranged in five branches. Branches are Supply & Services, Plans & Operations, Maintenance, Transportation and STAMIS.

S&S Standing Operating Procedures


CIF External SOP June 2011

External FLIPL SOP June 2011

IPBO External SOP June 2011

SSA External SOP June 2011

SSA SOP External June 2011