Army Substance Abuse Program

Biochemical Testing:

Biochemical Testing is managed by the Drug Test Coordinator (DTC) located in Bldg 169 USAG-V. Collections for Soldiers will be performed at the unit by the Unit Prevention Leaders and samples turned into the DTC by appointment, for QC and shipment to the lab. UPLs will re-supply after each turn in to ensure 100% of supplies on hand at all times. The  DTC will forward all testing results to unit commanders.  All certification training and re-certification will be conducted monthly and the dates of testing will be posted on the DPTMS calendar. Biochemical Testing of Civilian Personnel will be performed by DTC at bldg 169. POC for Biochemical Testing DSN 634-7806

Prevention and Education:

UPLs will provide training for Soldiers within their units and forward documentation to the Prevention Coordinator (PC).  Resources are available online as well as at the Prevention Office.  In addition, the PC is available to deliver at least one class per fiscal year for each unit upon request.  The Employee Assistance Program Coordinator (EAPC) will schedule and provide ASAP deliver Drug Free Workplace (DFW) and Violence in the Workplace education to Civilian Personnel quarterly and upon request of agencies. Scheduled classes will be posted on the DPTMS calendar. POC for Prevention and Education Services.634-8492

Employee Assistance Program (EAP):

EAP consults will be conducted at Bldg 305 by appointment.   EAP services area available to all eligible Civilian ID card holders to include retirees. EAP also assists with critical incident debriefs and/or crisis intervention  POC for EAPC   DSN 634-8492

Suicide Prevention Program (SPP):

The Suicide Prevention Program Manager (SPPM) provides and tracks  Suicide Prevention Training for all personnel on the installation.  SPPM provides  training to T2 trainers for all units.  Unit T2 trainers will deliver the annual ACE training to their respective units and forward a copy of all training rosters to the SSPM.  The SPPM will ensure that suicide prevention information and training is also available online and in person and that Suicide Prevention Initiatives are marketed throughout the community. POC for Suicide Prevention Program is DSN 634-7243.

Risk Reduction Program:(RRP)

The Installation Prevention Team members submit data of reported high risk behavior to the Risk Reduction Program Coordinator monthly and RRP is available to brief the monthy and/or quarterly reports to unit commanders. The RRP statistics and recommended interventions are reported quarterly to the Garrison Commander during the Health Promotions Council (HPC) meetings.  Unit commanders are encouraged to attend the quarterly HPC meeting. POC for the RRP is DSN 634-5275

Substance Abuse Treatment:

All Soldiers referred to ASAP must have a DA 8003 signed by the unit commander regardless of the type of referral prior to being assessed for treatment.  If Soldier initiates a self-referral he/she is usually protected under the Limited Use Policy. Contact your JAG officer if you need to determine whether an individual is covered under the Limited Use Policy.  In-patient treatment is provided at Landsthul Regional Medical Center for Soldiers.  Civilians needing in-patient treatment will need to consult with their individual health coverage provider. Outpatient treatment, which includes one-on-one as well as group therapy, is provided by trained counselors at ASAP bldg 169  at no charge POC for treatment is DSN 634-7554