Soldier for Life Transition Assistance Program

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Soldier For Life-Transition Assistance Program (SFL-TAP)?

SFL-TAP (formerly known as the Army Career & Alumni Program, ACAP) was created to help military members be successful in their transition to the civilian sector. SFL-TAP delivers transition assistance and support to ensure all eligible transitioners have the knowledge, skills and self-confidence necessary to be competitive and successful in the global workforce and achieve their post military service goals. SFL-TAP also encourages transitioning military members to make informed decisions through benefits counseling and employment assistance to ensure a successful transition from active duty.

When should I get started?

The SFL-TAP process works best when initiated early. A goal of the Soldier Life Cycle concept is to shift thinking about transition: Currently, transition is thought of as an event that occurs at the end of one’s military career. However, the process of planning and preparing throughout a Soldier’s Life Cycle ensures Soldiers are better prepared to achieve their post-military goals. Soldiers are encouraged to utilize SFL-TAP throughout their careers, and to “come early, and come often. Soldiers retiring with 20 or more years of service should visit SFL-TAP not later than 24 months prior to retirement. Others should visit SFL-TAP not later than 12 months (18 months is recommended) prior to ETS or separation, or for unplanned separations, as soon as possible.

Are spouses eligible?


How do I get started?

Stop by the SFL-TAP Center or call us at 634-7188/7189 to schedule an appointment with one of our Counselors. If you are unable to physically attend an appointment, you will be provided with instructions on how to initiate the process online

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Transition Requirements

There are a number of transition requirements mandated by law (Veteran’s Opportunity to Work or VOW Act) and Army or DOD policy. The following are mandatory:

Pre-separation Counseling &Initial Counseling:

During this first step, participants receive information about transition requirements and timelines, SFL-TAP services, and complete a Pre-Separation Counseling Checklist (DD Form 2648).

Individual Transition Plan (ITP):

This step-by-step plan is initially drafted during the Initial Counseling and outlines post-military personal and professional goals and objectives. The ITP is a working document that evolves throughout transition preparation. The completed ITP is reviewed by the SFL-TAP Counselor and Commander prior to transition.

TAP Workshops:

TAP curriculum components should ideally be completed over the course of a few months, however, all can be completed over a 5-day period if your transition timeline is short.

Transition Overview:

This 2-hour briefing provides information about what to expect as you transition, and this briefing must be completed before you enroll in other workshops or training.

MOC Crosswalk/Gap Analysis:

During this workshop, participants examine military experience, education and training, and identify civilian occupations that align with experience. Participants document gaps between civilian career and requirements for that occupation.

Financial Planning Seminar/12-month Budget:

This 5-hour workshop entails detailed information and tools to identify financial responsibilities, obligations and goals after transition from the military. Participants will learn about: credit reports/ scores, how to evaluate salary and total compensation packages, resources for retirement, Thrift Savings Plan, health insurance, life insurance, implications of taxes after transition, evaluate cost of living, developing spending and savings plan, and debt management. Participants will complete a 12-month post-military budget.

VA Benefits Briefings I & II:

During these briefs, participants receive information about VA benefits and services to include healthcare, education, life insurance, home loan guaranty, disability compensation, vocational rehabilitation and employment benefits and programs.

Department of Labor Employment Workshop (DOLEW):

During this 3-day workshop, professionally trained varietyof topics to include: how to write effective resumes and cover letters, interviewing techniques, methods for successful job searches, labor market conditions, federal employment, individual competency and skills assessments and veteran benefits.

Individualized Assessment Tool:

Career Assessment (e.g. Kuder Journey)

eBenefits Registration:Registration in the eBenefits portal, which is the central location for researching, finding, accessing and eventually managing benefits and personal information.

Continuum of Military Service Opportunity Counseling:

Meet with Reserve Component Career Counselor to discuss continuation of military service.

Job Application Package:

All transitioners must have a completed (federal or civilian) resume, list of professional references and documentation of two submitted job applications.


During this final stage, you will meet with an SFL-TAP Counselor who will ensure that transition requirements are met. Your commander will sign your ITP Checklist, DD Form 2958.

Additional Workshops/Services

SFL-TAP offers a number of additional, highly recommended workshops and services, including:

Higher Education Workshop:

This two-day workshop helps you to develop your plan for higher education, research and identify colleges of interest, navigate the admissions process and learn about the GI Bill and other funding sources.

Career Technical Training Workshop:

Interested in pursuing a technical career? This two-day workshop is offered by the VA and provides guidance and assistance in defining career goals, identifying required credentials, gathering job market information, researching training opportunities and identifying resources.

Boots to Business Entrepreneurship Workshop:

A two-day training program offered by the Small Business Administration and was introduces participants to business ownership. After completing the program, participants will have the tools and knowledge they need to identify a business opportunity, draft a business plan, connect with local small business resources, and launch their small business.

Resume Review:

This seminar shows you how to put your military experiences into a civilian resume.

Federal Job Application:

This class helps participants understand the process of applying for federal employment through USAJOBS.

Transition Assistance Center Resources:

SFL-TAP Counselors:Our Counselors provide guidance and assistance throughout the transition process. They will assist with scheduling appointments, ensuring that transition requirements are met, and more importantly, to provide advice and support throughout your transition.

Training, in-person and online:

Training includes mandatory workshops, job assistance training, as well as optional specialized training on topics related to post-military goals that involve higher education, technical careers and/or entrepreneurship.

VA Benefits Briefings and Individual Counseling:

 Contracted representatives from the Department of Veterans' Affairs (VA) provide benefits briefings on all veterans' benefits. These benefits include, but are not limited to disability compensation, education benefits (Montgomery GI Bill, Post 9/11 GI Bill, etc.), and health care. The advisors can also assist in application procedures.  Individual assistance sessions are available on a walk-in basis, although appointments are strongly encouraged.

Higher Education Guidance:

Our Education Counselor is available to answer questions and provide assistance regarding higher education, to include researching schools, the application process and funding sources. To set up an appointment or obtain additional information, please call 634-8926.

Financial Guidance:

Our Financial Counselor is available to assist with preparing and planning for the transition from military to civilian life and will work with you on your budget, expected expenditures and other expenses that may arise unexpectedly. Call 634-8708 to schedule an appointment.


We have job and career publications available in our Center that provide information about writing effective resumes and cover letters, conducting a successful job search, preparing for interviews, choosing a career path, negotiating salary, Linked In and social media resources, etc.

Computer lab:

Includes printing capabilities, scanner and fax

Who do I need to contact to make an appointment?

Contact the Vicenza ACAP Center.

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